Programs / Services

Classes can be arranged in various ways

Distance learning, using Zoom, arranged to be convenient for you. On-campus intensives for individuals, families or groups, with full days of instruction and Creole spoken at every meal. These can range in length from one week to a few months. Weekend intensives on the campus.

Distance Learning

Hour-long classes are arranged in blocks of four, scheduled with the teacher at your convenience.  Zoom is used for face-to-face communication with people in the US, Canada or Haiti who are unable to get to the campus.

On Campus Intensives

Students live on our campus in Bon Repos, take classes Monday to Friday from 9am-4:30pm (with a lunch break and small breaks in the morning and afternoon). Participants in groups are grouped by level from absolute beginner to near-fluent. Language instruction is mixed with “cultural conversations” and instruction in practical matters such as how to negotiate at the market. Field trips are available and costs depend on the distance and length of the excursion.


Length of stay for the Creole Program is by individual arrangement re. the number of weeks. We do our best to accommodate the needs of participants.

All fees are charged by the week, starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday.

Weekend Intensives

Students arrive Friday afternoon or evening and stay until Sunday late afternoon. The program begins with dinner on Friday and a short evening class. As with the full-time intensive, Saturday and Sunday classes are full days.