The Creole Immersion Program was everything I could imagine and more. Each day featured an all-inclusive immersion into Haitian culture. While I was in the classroom, I learned and practiced reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Then when I wasn’t in the classroom, I ate common Haitian dishes like Bouillon, Soup Joumou, and Griot ak Bannann Peze.


Although the time spent in the classroom and the meals I ate were an integral part of my experience, the field trips were what made the experience worthwhile. . . In regard to the places I went and the people I met, the list goes on and on.


Overall, the time I spent at the school was truly a pleasure. Each day brought a new adventure and if I could do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat.


_ Alesia Michel

Student, University of Chicago

My wife and I spent 3 weeks in this program. it was a very good experience. Bury Ephesien and David Douyon are the teachers, they did a great job. I spent more time with David, and my wife spent more time with Bury. Below is a list of what we especially appreciated in the Creole program


  • They were very flexible with our schedule. Because we had our infant son with us, we often needed to change our schedule. They made it possible.
  • I got a lot of practice in listening and speaking. All my conversations were in Creole;
  • They taught us a lot about Haitian Culture;
  • I had opportunities to practice with other people on the campus and during meals;
  • I learned many Haitian Proverbs


_ Josh Gray,

RISING Director at Experience Mission, Petit Goave, Haiti

I started the FTSJS Creole Program with in-person classes as a complete beginner and then continued remotely after 30 hours of instruction. Before transitioning to online classes, I was wondering how effective it would be to learn a new language remotely. However, engaging with Bury via skype on a weekly basis was an extremely beneficial experience!


As a language teacher myself, it was a true pleasure to learn from such a knowledgeable and organized instructor. Bury is flexible, professional, and a pleasure to spend time with. For this, and all of the other above reasons, I have recommended this program to many of my colleagues and friends!


_ Rebecca Mulligan

Teacher of Haitian students, Boston Public Schools