tuition fees

Tuition / Fees

$240 for four one-hour individual lessons ($60/hour). $160 per person for four one-hour group lessons ($40/hour).

DURING THE CORONAVIRUS WE WANT DISTANCE LEARNING OF CREOLE TO BE ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE. Please talk with us if financial assistance is needed for individual or group classes.

Tuition and Fees for on-campus Intensives:

Tuition: $350/week

Housing: Dorm with breakfast, lunch and a light dinner: $350 per week.

Tuition & Fees for weekend intensives

Tuition: $125

  • Housing: Two nights with Friday night dinner, 3 meals Saturday and 2 meals Sunday: $150.
  • Airport pick: $40 per person
  • Airport drop-off: $40 per person
  • Extra days on campus (room & board/food): $70/day
  • Field trips: Costs vary, depending on the distance, length of time & number of people going.

All Programs Must be Arranged & Paid at Least 2 Weeks in Advance.

Cancellations are handled as follows:

  • Two months in advance: Full refund minus $75 fee. (Or possibility to reschedule)
  • One month in advance: Half refund & $75 fee. (Or possibility to reschedule)
  • Two weeks in advance: We are unable to refund fees but can reschedule.

Tuition and fees must be paid at least two weeks in advance of arrival, using Paypal.